’14 & ’15 Books

Going into 2014, my sister and I had a goal to read 30 books each. We won’t mention how many she read, but I came in short at 21–and that’s while finishing an English degree!

Anyway, many people have a goal to “read more” at the beginning of the year, SO, I’ve compiled a list of 10 incredible books for different types of readers.

Books are my weakness, you guys. So it’s hard to narrow it down to 10, but, nevertheless, here they are!

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JOMO // Joy of Missing Out

{Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from my dear friend and social media guru, Danielle Michels, and a wildly timely one at that. I know I’m guilty of coveting others’ filtered lives, and this touches at the heart of that. So, let’s all read this with an open mind, and then try disconnecting for a bit. xo}

Out of the gate of the New Year by nearly half a month and many of us have already lost sight of some resolutions we set for 2014. That’s nothing new, resolutions come and go as quick as the champagne runs out, but one thing was different this year.

A particular resolution made more of an appearance on my various newsfeeds when we rang in 2014 than the typical hope of eating healthier and shedding some pounds. Funny enough, this resolution was broadcast using the tool that many resolved to be less attached to: social media.


First of all, when did social media become something we had to evade with the same sort of discomfort we have when we resist that piece of cheesecake on January 2nd? Continue reading