Friday Faves #5

You guyyyssss I totally missed last week’s Friday Faves! But that’s cause my sweet sister was in town and we were busy doing random things like watching Gator Gymnastics lose by *literally* the smallest amount a team could lose by. Bummer.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 3.34.23 PM

Regardless, I’m back! This is week five of Friday Faves, and this week is a special “online” edition! Here’s a list of my top things (in no particular order) that exist on the world wide web:

1. The Balanced Life FREE Online Pilates Workouts

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I’ve been following Robin’s IG for a while now, and I think if I didn’t have her online workouts, I’d be in deep trouble. As someone who grew up in sports, doing video workouts has NEVER appealed to me. But when I found myself strapped for time and in serious need of moving my body, Robin’s workouts were a life saver. Most of them are 7-10 minutes long, which means I can totally do them in my office during lunch break.

BONUS! She just started a new 30-day Pilates Body Challenge FO FREE so there’s that.

Follow her on IG: @thebalancedlife

2. Jess Connolly’s Website & Instagram

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This lady is SUCH a gem, you guys. She’s beautiful in the loveliest of ways, and her heart for Jesus is on fire. She’s about to launch a book she co-wrote, called Wild and Free, and she also posts super beautiful images with honest stories behind them. Enough of me talking about it–just go follow her.

IG: @jessaconnolly (where I snagged that photo from)

3. Espresso and Cream

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 3.44.25 PM

I wish I could remember where I even stumbled upon Madison’s IG/blog, but it doesn’t matter cause I’m sure glad I did! I feel like if I have an online friend, it’s her. I followed her journey through infertility to her sweet daughter Ainsley being born a year ago. They’re the cutest family, she is a recipe developer, has stunning fashion sense that doesn’t cost a million dollars, she loves Jesus, and she loves the Gators! Wha-bam!

Sign up for her blog and follow her on IG: @madisonmhofmeyer (where I snagged that photo from–look at those beauties!)

4. The Everygirl

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 3.47.27 PM

I can’t stop reading their content. It’s a blog for women, but not just about fashion or makeup or whatever. It’s for smart women. Women who are interesting and working their butts off and want to be wise and cute at the same time.

Some of my favorite posts? Here:
How I Coped With an Unexpected Pregnancy
Their “In the Know” series that keeps you (briefly) updated on current affairs
Why Do We Romanticize Stress?
401K vs. IRA: Which is Right for You?
Their Career Profiles on ah-mazing, badass women like this one on a neonatologist & clinical professor
How to Style a Desk 3 Ways: for the Student, the Post-grad & the Career Woman
5 Things to Do the Weekend Your Ex Gets Married (lol)

5. J.Crew Factory Sales

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 4.02.37 PM

(Also, J.Crew sales in general)
I feel like I get more compliments on my J.Crew clothing/jewelry/shoes than I do on anything else (including my face/humor/general disposition). SO here is my tip: sign up for the stinking emails. They have KILLER sales and I feel like I rarely pay more than Target prices for these things.

Side note: J.Crew Factory is not the same quality as J.Crew, as much as I want it to be. So just know that going in. You get what you pay for!

xo, A.

JOMO // Joy of Missing Out

{Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from my dear friend and social media guru, Danielle Michels, and a wildly timely one at that. I know I’m guilty of coveting others’ filtered lives, and this touches at the heart of that. So, let’s all read this with an open mind, and then try disconnecting for a bit. xo}

Out of the gate of the New Year by nearly half a month and many of us have already lost sight of some resolutions we set for 2014. That’s nothing new, resolutions come and go as quick as the champagne runs out, but one thing was different this year.

A particular resolution made more of an appearance on my various newsfeeds when we rang in 2014 than the typical hope of eating healthier and shedding some pounds. Funny enough, this resolution was broadcast using the tool that many resolved to be less attached to: social media.


First of all, when did social media become something we had to evade with the same sort of discomfort we have when we resist that piece of cheesecake on January 2nd? Continue reading