I need your help…

I guess I should start by saying that yes, I am still alive (even though the FOUR MONTH HIATUS from here would suggest otherwise).

But really, I’m struggling. And if you can help me, I want to hear it.

How do you becomeĀ intentional?

I really struggle with that. Loving intentionally, working intentionally, praying intentionally, worshipping intentionally, having intentional relationships (which I accidentally spelled REALationships, ironically), LIVING intentionally.

I feel like I don’t do much of anything intentionally. Maybe cooking I do intentionally, only because the kitchen is a crazy place, but outside of that I feel like I am drifting through each day without purpose. You know when you’re in the ocean on a floatie and you can’t touch the bottom? You just kind of float around, rocking from side to side? That. That’s what I’m doing every day. And I don’t like it.

Matt being really intentional about beating me at Sudoku.

Matt being really intentional about beating me at Sudoku.

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Taking the GRE


So I’m sweating as I type this, but I just registered to take the GRE (Graduate Records Exam, required for admission to most graduate programs). The last standardized test I took was the SAT about 8 years ago. So yeah, there’s some apprehension there. Continue reading