While I’m stoked that I got my writing juju back, and I’m really excited to share a guest post from my best friend with you tomorrow, I feel like this month off from writing/blogging has been eye opening.

I follow a few bloggers, and some of them are amazing. But one in particular, that I was originally obsessed with, now leaves me with a bitter taste of “life editing”…this thing we all do (to varying degrees) on social media where we edit our lives to be what we know other people want. Continue reading

How-To // Journaling

{Editor’s Note: B+B is starting a new series full of fun ‘How To’ posts! This is the first in the series.}

How-To Series // Journaling

The best part about learning how to journal is that there really are no rules! Most of us remember journaling in our younger days, full of locked notebooks, “Dear Diaries”, and “Today Christine and I played a fun game after school”. And while those are super fun to look back at, journaling as an adult can be extremely rewarding (and even healing).

Start by getting a journal that you love to look at. It can even be a planner with a notes section, if you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to a book full of blank pages! Here are some of my favorites: Continue reading

Once. (Our first post!)

{Editor’s Note: More than anything in the world, creative writing is the outlet for my soul. So, appropriately, this blog will begin with an original piece. If you’d like to see your own writing on the blog, email your submission for consideration to}


Play me to sleep, my lover.

Diamonds and pearls and gifts taste like
bitter dust
on my tongue.
But the chords you play make love to my ears –
The words you sing tickle my lungs because
I have to breathe them in before someone else steals them from me. Continue reading