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Hey, friend. Let me start by saying that I am so happy that you stumbled into this little part of my world, and this even little-er part of the Internet world (it’s a scary place out there). There is no rhyme or reason to this blog (I know, breaking blog rule #1), I just like to digest thoughts and recipes and advice and random stories here, and I like the thought of having an audience (that’s you!).

I am a a writer that lives in Gainesville, FL. My desire is to see creativity flourish through written works (as well as other artistic mediums) across the world. Literacy is my deal. My view of what being “feminine” means comes from a mixture of Southern roots and Biblical ideas.

In my leisure time, I love reading the classics, writing, and swimming in deep lakes and frothy oceans. I kind of really do want to be a mermaid. I really, really like parenthesis, and I love Jesus. I’m married to a cute guy named Matt who likes baseball A LOT. You can follow my personal Instagram: @amandaredinger.

About the Blog

{bauble : a small, showy trinket or decoration}
{bourbon: delicious liquor, often a “man’s” drink}

The idea of Baubles + Bourbon is a collaboration of feminine and masculine, of old traditions and new style. It’s also a place where, unlike most blogs, there is an element of storytelling that is stitched into Southern heritage. I’m so excited that you’ve landed here, and hope that you find the content entertaining and that you keep coming back!


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