We’re engaged!

I don’t think I could be happier to share this post!

Matt asked me to marry him on Friday, April 17th, 2015. I thought about writing a whole new post, but I’m going to include what each of us¬†wrote for our wedding website. It’s so cute. He’s so cute. I cannot wait to become Mrs. Redinger.

From Amanda:

Matt and I met through a mutual friend (hi, Ed!) back in July of 2012 when Ed brought Matt to our company picnic. I remember meeting Matt and learning he was from Asheville and thinking to myself “I could marry a guy from Asheville!” Little did I know that almost three years later I’d be saying YES to doing just that!

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Whole 30: It. is. finished!

Yes, I am absolutely ridiculously late on posting this.

But life is crazy!

I finished Whole30 on April 7th. Here are my results:

Weight: Lost 11 pounds!
Inches: Lost 8.5″ total
Before/after pictures: In your wildest dreams

How I ate out: salmon and kale salad!

How I ate out: salmon and kale salad!

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