Whole 30: Halfway! (Day 15)

Okay, so today is actually Day 17. Huzzah!

So, here’s been my experience so far:

1. Days 1-8 weren’t too bad at all. Like I mentioned before, I don’t drink soda and don’t consume that much sugar (or dairy, or legumes for that matter). I knew that alcohol and bread would be the hardest parts, but it wasn’t like I wanted to kill all the things.

2. Day 9 was terrible. I was so stressed, had an exam, was having to make tough life decisions, and to put the unsweetened cherry on top, I thought it would be a good idea to meet Matt and his friends at the bar before they went to the baseball game. BAD IDEA. I sipped on a club soda and lime while they drank beer and had wings (this was on St. Patty’s day, nonetheless). I literally wanted to cry. I ordered a burger, sans cheese/bread/mayo/mustard/ketchup, add avocado, with sweet potato fries. When my food arrived the fries looked like they miiiiiight have been breaded, so I decided not to eat them and just have the burger and avocado. At this point, I was about 4 minutes away from a meltdown, so I decided to leave them to their green beer and head home.

3. Day 11 or something we went to Ballyhoo Bar & Grill (pre-baseball again) where I was STOKED to find out they squeeze fresh citrus juices for their margaritas. So this time I had club soda and lime with grapefruit juice! Hallelujah.


4. I think somewhere around Day 13 I kind of stopped thinking about it and got into the groove. It really has only been an issue when a) I go out or b) I’m really stressed. So basically I’m a social and emotional eater. Great.

5. I’m blown.ah.way. at how much added sugar is in our food. Like appalled. Even if you’re not doing W30, I encourage you to just spend a week where you read the labels of everything you buy and just look for sugar. I bet you’ll be shocked.

6. I still eat way too much. Last night was my first successful night where I only ate until I was satisfied (thanks, grilled salmon with arugula and grapefruit salad!). I do find that I get *actually* hungry more often, whereas before I just always wanted food. So now my stomach growls more, which I think is good? Who knows.

7. Eating this way definitely costs more. I’ve stopped counting. I realllllly wanted to be able to tell you that it costs the same or less, but it doesn’t. It costs more. But not like OMG THIS IS A LOT OF MONEY MORE, but like hmm maybe I don’t go to Target this week kind of more. Priorities, right? Plus, I think you could probably do it for less than I have.

8. I know that you’re supposed to eat more veggies than fruit, but I think I eat more fruit than veggies. So there’s that.

9. I really, really, really want a beer.

10. Sadly, I haven’t noticed any physiological (or psychological) changes. I’m sure they’ve happened–like in my gut–but it’s difficult when you are working so hard and not seeing results. I’ll be interested to see if I’ve lost pounds or inches. Stephanie, my dear friend and acupuncturist, told me that I looked better–like the fat on my body looked more like healthy fat. She’s really smart so I’ll take it.

So that’s the first half! I’m attaching the second week meal plan below. I left off breakfast and lunches because after the first week you kind of understand what you can eat for those meals, and you just do it. It even includes a family recipe!

Wish me luck for the next 14 days!

xo, A

Meal Planning


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