Cucumber + Bok Choy Salad

I have two confessions to make. #1: I love really bad-for-you food. Like McDonald’s french fries. #2: I also really love good-for-you food because I know that I am taking better care of myself. BUT, for me to love #2 as much as I love #1, the good-for-you food has to taste REALLY good.

Enter: Cucumber + Bok Choy Salad.

photo 1-2

I saw a version of this while watching Food Network’s “The Kitchen”. It’s like a talk show, but for food. Anyway, Geoffrey Zakarian (they call him “GZ”…#presh) made a version of this and it looked SO good. It’s super easy to make and has killer fresh, clean flavors.

2 cucumbers, peeled
1 head of bok choy cabbage (GZ used fennel, which I don’t particularly care for, so I subbed bok choy which has kind of a radish-y flavor)
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1 tbsp olive oil
grape tomatoes, sliced in half
s+p to taste

Okay, so GZ went crazy on his cukes. Like really roughly chopped them, rolled them up in a hand towel, and smashed them. Which is great. But I don’t like cucumber hand towels, so I just chopped them up and smashed them a bit with my hands. Then chopped up some bok choy and scallions, added the sliced tomatoes, and then juiced a lemon, added the olive oil and s+p and just tossed it all together.

SO EASY. SO GOOD. And the best part? It’s salad without lettuce, which is awesome and makes me believe in the salad gods again.

Send me your favorite salad recipes!


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