How-To // Journaling

{Editor’s Note: B+B is starting a new series full of fun ‘How To’ posts! This is the first in the series.}

How-To Series // Journaling

The best part about learning how to journal is that there really are no rules! Most of us remember journaling in our younger days, full of locked notebooks, “Dear Diaries”, and “Today Christine and I played a fun game after school”. And while those are super fun to look back at, journaling as an adult can be extremely rewarding (and even healing).

Start by getting a journal that you love to look at. It can even be a planner with a notes section, if you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to a book full of blank pages! Here are some of my favorites:


1 // Rifle Paper Co. Jardin Journal, $15


2 // Anthropolgie Cloth-Bound Journal, $18


3 // Kate Spade Gold Dot Notebook from Nordstrom, $14

Once you’ve chosen, it’s time to get started writing. Whether you’re journaling to improve your writing, as a meditation tool, or to just see what ends up on paper, give yourself the space to write silly things that may not matter (today). One of my favorite things about journaling is looking back at what I’ve written over the years and seeing my life literally happen in front of me. I’ve seen prayers answered, things that I’ve complained about washed away, or things that I’ve begged for on those pages become so trivial. It’s truly a beautiful process!

Often times you’ll find yourself unsure of what to write. Usually I’ll end up writing out a message to God, like I’m writing a letter to a dear friend. (Yes, it does normally begin with “Dear God”!) If that is outside your comfort zone, here are some ideas and topics to pick from. You might want to write these in the front or back of your journal to have them handy when you’re ready to write.

1 // Look back at this week. What were your high points? Low points? This is great because it’ll track little moments that may seem insignificant now, but three years from now will bring a smile to your face.

2 // Take a peek outside. What do you see, hear, smell, feel? Write the obvious, and then look for the not-so-obvious. Taking a few minutes to dive into your surroundings will make you notice things that you might have missed! It can bring beauty to the mundane.

3 // Trying to better your creative writing skills? This is a fun one! 7X7X7X7 = Pick out the seventh book on your shelf. Turn to the seventh page. Find the seventh sentence. Write a poem that begins with that sentence and keep it to seven lines long! (This can easily be done with any other number as well)

4 // What element of nature would you choose to describe yourself? It can be a plant, and animal, an element, anything! Describe what you choose and how you relate that to your life.

5 // Write down three wishes for yourself. Then write about what your life would look like if those wishes were fulfilled. How would your world change? How would you change? (If these wishes are attainable, writing out the positive changes can help you become more determined to achieve them!)

Lists are also fun, as well as writing down a ton of random words. The one rule of journaling is to give yourself enough grace to write things that make you cringe or seem silly!

What are some of your favorite writing exercises?

Happy writing! xo


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