Living Life as “The Dreamer”


As some of you may know, I have an obsession. A little over a year ago, my sweet cousin Rachel sent me an email with a link to a brand new movement called Darling Magazine. Since then, I’ve found myself lost in their crisp print pages and online blogs full of encouragement and real beauty. Darling is “the art of being a woman” and has yet to fall short of embodying true femininity, not the yucky kind that society manufactures.

The best part of Darling is that it’s divided into personas, where you can read about things that truly speak to your heart. (Click here to see all of the personas!) I quickly discovered that I was “The Dreamer” with a little tiny bit of “The Intellectual” mixed in on good days. I loved that because I know that I see life through a different lens, no matter how naive or “dreamy” it may be. Continue reading

How-To // The French Tuck

{Editor’s Note: This is part two of the How-To Series, and you can find the other How-To topics here!}

How-To Series // The French Tuck

French Tuck 1

This hairstyle ended up on my head out of pure accident. I was wearing a super fun shirt from Target that was perfectly festive for Christmas, but it’s sequined collar was catching the ends of my French braid and making some nasty tangles. So instead of re-doing my hair, I just tucked the end of the braid and pinned it in place. It was surprisingly elegant and easy to do. Continue reading

Guest Post: Fennel-Carrot Loaves

{This is a guest post from Ashley Purser, a hand-lettering maven (check out her Etsy shop) AND she’s my sister! She’s amazing in the kitchen and wanted to share this recipe with you. While cooking has traditionally been seen as a love language, you can also take this time to indulge yourself. Get your hands dirty and make a sweet treat for those days when you just need a little love for YOU! Enjoy!}

Fennel-Carrot Loaves

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Itʼs that time of year! I love fall so much. Any season that says itʼs okay to pair flannel and boots with a sparkly necklace and glitter on your nails is fine with me! Continue reading

How-To // Journaling

{Editor’s Note: B+B is starting a new series full of fun ‘How To’ posts! This is the first in the series.}

How-To Series // Journaling

The best part about learning how to journal is that there really are no rules! Most of us remember journaling in our younger days, full of locked notebooks, “Dear Diaries”, and “Today Christine and I played a fun game after school”. And while those are super fun to look back at, journaling as an adult can be extremely rewarding (and even healing).

Start by getting a journal that you love to look at. It can even be a planner with a notes section, if you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to a book full of blank pages! Here are some of my favorites: Continue reading

Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid!

Pantone just announced their 2014 Color of the Year, and I LOVE it! While last year’s Emerald might be my favorite, Radiant Orchid is a close second! You can read their press release here.

What do you think of their decision? Love it or leave it?

Radiant Orchid

Sephora teamed up with Pantone last year to create a line of Emerald colored make-up, nail polishes, and other beauty goodies. They’re recreating the lines this year in Radiant Orchid, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with! Here’s a little sneak peek: Continue reading