Gift Guides: A Compilation


I love the holidays. I really do. But often times the thought of having to choose just the right gift for so many people, year after year, gives me hives. Alas! There are much smarter (craftier!) people than I, and they have shared their wisdom with the world. Here are a few brilliant gift guides to jump start your holiday shopping:

1. Thoughts By Natalie has killed it (once again) with gift guides. Check out her page for ideas for guys, girlfriends, and gifts that give back.

2. J.Crew is a mild obsession of mine (see the Baubles We Love post and you’ll understand why). See their guides for her and for him.

3. Have a foodie in your life? Glitter Guide has a great post on what to get for people who are obsessed with deliciousness. (See above photo from GG).

4. As “mildly” obsessed with J.Crew as I am, I’m MAJORLY obsessed with Darling Magazine. These gift guides are from last year, but are still oh-so-in. Check out their guides for buying for hers/his/them.

5. And finally, to put a little south in your life, Garden & Gun has a gift guide for those below the Mason-Dixon line.

What gifts top your Christmas list this year?


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