Once. (Our first post!)

{Editor’s Note: More than anything in the world, creative writing is the outlet for my soul. So, appropriately, this blog will begin with an original piece. If you’d like to see your own writing on the blog, email your submission for consideration to baublesandbourbon@gmail.com.}


Play me to sleep, my lover.

Diamonds and pearls and gifts taste like
bitter dust
on my tongue.
But the chords you play make love to my ears –
The words you sing tickle my lungs because
I have to breathe them in before someone else steals them from me.

Play me to sleep, lover.

I am not tired. I cannot sleep. The heat of your song grabs my body
Beads of sweat kiss my chest
What do you feel when you play? You touch the
strings like they are chords of your soul.
Do you make love to your music like your musics makes love to me?
I watch you as you play– tracing your fingers and lips with my eyes.
I ask you–

Play me to sleep. 


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